Thursday, January 7, 2010

Total Blog Slacker

I always get on here but never blog. So here it goes on an update. I am going to school at UVU for my pre-requisites for Nursing. I got my CNA in Dec. Coty started at UVU also. he is going to get his pilot license and a bachlors in Aviation Science. I am so proud of him. We are finally going to get married on May 15, 2010 I am excited!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Discovery Toys

I am selling these awesome educational toys. I love everything that Discovery Toys has for sale and love the fact that all of their toys have a lifetime warranty. If anyone would like to make a purchase, book a party (in UT), or learn more about the company you can give me a call at (760) 613-5928. to see the spring-summer 2009 catalog go to

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tristan loves to sing

One of my favorite things is to get Tristan to sing by saying that it is mommy's turn then he says no my turn

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tristan is Two!!!!

He is so cute.
This year has brought alot of fun.
Tristan can...
count to ten by himself
talk alot and copy everything anyone says.
tell you what the letters are when he sees them.
tell you what color blue and purple and red are.
He loves to play with cars and motorcycles.
He loves to play with his big sisters and baby brother.
I love you Tristan

I can not believe my little boy is Two years old.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I lost my camera somewhere and cant take pictures to post but I will just update those who want to know whats going on in my life. Coty spoke in sacrament 3 weeks ago. he spoke on an experiance he had had and how he came to realize that Heavenly Father and Jesus ARE there and Heavenly Father knows you and will talk to you to get through to you in the right way and right time. It was so awesome. He has really grown alot Spiritually it is amazing to see and it makes me alittle jealous that he gets to learn everything new. I am so greatful for him. He is the one that pushes me to better eventhough he doesn't know it. Like if I say I dont really want to go to church he says that we really should. Alyssa is in Kindergarden and is learning how to read. I can not believe the things they do in Kindergarden now a days. She has actual spelling tests. Alyiah is 4 years old and learning alot as we teach Alyssa. Tristan is going to be two in May and it really shows. He knows how to count to three and what the letters A, Y , O, B and M look like and sound like he talks a lot. I am such a great mom jk. I have to give the credit to the most awesome toy ever. It is the Leap Frog fridge magnent that has the letter and sounds. The counting was me on accedient I count 123 ready set go. Brodix is gettig so big! he can roll over and lift up with his arms. he laughs and coos alot. He has the best smile ever! I am so greatful to have such a cute baby. We have not seen Alicia since the weekend before Christmas. Her mom is withholding visitation from Coty, so it has been really sad( It is hard when exes do not get along). We are trying to go through court but lawyers are so expensive that it is hard right now. I miss her tons! I am still working for jetblue and I love it! I get to work from home and still be a mom. I am so grateful for my family and I love them so much each day is a reward.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas is so fun! Tristan got one of those Kota Dinosaurs that you ride on. He was scared of it at first but got used to it. Brodix got Johnsons bedtime bath wash. He did not seem to care though. This year we got the girls for the second part of Christmas which meant from 1 pm on. They got big wheels (which are really hard to put together by the way}They really liked them. Alicia got a rip stick, but because of some evilness she was not here to get it. Here are some pics

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The three boys

While in VA visiting my family we decide to do a mini photo shoot with the three grandsons.

It was really hard to get a picture with brodix awake.
Even harder to get all three to take a good picture and to sit still.

It is Crazy that Tristan and Dallyn are only 7 weeks apart but Tristan is so much bigger than Dallyn is. It was fun going to VA to see everyone I wish that my family lived closer. At least I have a good benefit to my job so that I can see them as often as possible

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The curse of the older sisters

We had the missionaries over and sent the kids to go play in their room. After a while we noticed it was a little too quiet. Then out comes Tristan with Alyssa laughing behind him.

The missionaries thought it was so funny they had to take pictures both said their sisters did that to them.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brodix Matthew Beardall

born on 11/8/08 at 12:15 pm

weight: 8 lbs 3oz

length: 21 3/4 in.

After the week of being dialated to 5 cm and having braxton hicks. Sat my water broke. I was in labor and delivery and went from that 5 to 10 cm in 30 min. So basically had 30 mins of active labor and 12 min of pushing. Now I have to tell you, I think those that choose a natural birth (no epidural) are crazy or really really strong. My epidural did not kick in all the way and man was that painful! but I am glad he is here now and healthy. His face was completly bruised because of the fast labor but that only lasted for a day or so.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Still Preggo!

Okay so I am very frustrasted. I am at 5cm or was on tues. I have had contractions for three day that start around 5:30 will be consistant about 4 min apart on mon nightfor about 3 hours and then they stopped. Tues they were 6 min apart for about 2 hours and then they stopped and yesterday they were about 7 min apart and then they stopped. Just waiting for them to start and keep going but since I am already at 5 cm and 80% effaced I hope I make it to the hospital before he comes out. :) Does anyone know how to keep labor going? BAH!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

4 weeks left blah!

Okay so I know that the last weeks of pregnancy are the worst, but I feel yucky! I hope he comes early rather than late. I am way bigger and more uncomfortable with this one than I was with Tristan. My midwife says that I am measuring on the big side of normal. I just feel huge!

Monday, July 7, 2008

We found out!

OH BOY! Tristan is going to have a baby brother!

Friday, July 4, 2008


Ok so Tuesday night Coty and I decided to go see the movie Hancock. So we decide to get a babysitter for Tristan. Well, as we were dropping him off to the babysitter I get back into the car and I just got the feeling that I should not leave him, but of course I decided I was just being paranoid and plus Coty's mom lives across the street. As we were getting out of the movie and on our way to pick up my son. Cotys phone rings and its his mom I hear her say Go to Utah Valley Hospital and Tristan and accident. The babysitter took him swimming and He fell and hit his head when they got to hime he was purple and not breathing. They called 911 and Charlie, Coty's moms fiance had revived him and he threw up a ton of water. My heart stops. Coty starts freaking out asking is he alive is he ok. and I start freaking out. We get to the hospital and the babysitter comes towards me and says you probably hate me now and I am sorry and all I can think is where is my baby I want my baby. So I tell her to not talk to me right now and head into the hospital the social worker meets me right away and says there is a team of doctors working on him he was crying when I was in there. And the doctor will come to talk to me. All this time I have not gotten to go see my baby. They take me into the consultation room and I wait. That is a scary room. The doctor comes in and says that he has a concussion and they are going to do a CT. He then tells Coty and me that 90% of the time they have bleeding on the brain and will have to be transported upto UofU and most likely because of the way he is acting that is whats going to happen. I can barely listen to anything the doctor is saying only thinking I WANT MY SON! We get to see him before he goes to get the CAT scan and that was horrible. The had 4 or 5 doctors on him one holding is head straight so he could not move his neck and oxygen on him and he is going in and out. and I try to hold his hand and he does not grip it. The sight made me want to fall over and curl into a ball and cry. I call his name and he does nothing. So off I go to the scary room to wait for him to go to get the pictures of his brain. This is where I get a lesson in the power of prayer. He comes back and starts to point at everyone and I start talking to him and asking him questions wheres mommy eye, nose, and mouth and he points at it all and tries to take off the thing keeping his head straight. The doctor comes in and says that the CT shows neg and they just want to keep him for observation for a few hours so we were in th ER until midnight. Tristan threw up alot of water all night but they said that is to be expected. We got to take him home and I slept next to him all the rest of the night. That morning he wakes up like nothing happened. He is afraid of water now though. But that was the scariest thing I have had to go through in a long time. He is doing Great now!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Provo Art Festival

Every year at the provo park they have an art festival. It is really fun for the kids and keeps them busy the girls loved it! Tristan was a little young for the crafts.

They all loved the cotton candy though!


We went Fishing and did not catch anything worth keeping. But Tristan enjoyed it!


Or so I thought. Tristan got a fever one night and then was fine the next morning until a rash showed up on his legs and started spreading. It did look alot like chicken pox but come to find out it is hand-foot-mouth. his sister had it a few days before and we did not even know. I guess thats what happens when kids will eat anyhting off the ground. so poor Tristan has a rash all over and is very uncomfortable.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pregnancy Brain

I dont know about you other moms but I seriousley lose my mind and everything else when I am pregnant! That being said I am having a horrible day. I lost the one and only key to our Toyota Prius. And now Coty is not able to go to work since he works out of our car. On top of that I called the dealership and it is going to be $168 just for the replacement key and then $90 an hour to program the darn thing! It is very depressing. Where oh where could my little key be! Just thought I would vent for a minute. Thanks

Cheerios Yum!

Tristan loves Cheerios! He got into the box and started eating them like a puppy. It was so funny. Luckily I have a Dyson vac.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tristan!!!

Tristan turned one on May 16. I can't believe how fast time goes by. We had a party at the Scera park on Sat. It was fun! My mom flew down and Amber and Dallyn came up. actually alot of my family came to the party. That was so nice.

Tristan got so many great gifts from everyone

He was so excited to get all of his presents that he did not want to put one down to open the others.

We got one of those little cakes because of course like any other mom I was excited for the cake in the face mess. He grabbed the candel first and after he took abite of that We had to show him that the cake tastes better.

After a taste of the cake he was hooked!

He pretty much finished the whole thing by himself.

It was so fun! I love Tristan and I can't believe he is one. It is the greatest thing ever to be able to watch him grow up!